Cleanse & Vegetable Barley Soup

I kicked off 2014 with a cleanse. This meant no flour or sugar in week one, no animal in week 2, and only raw food in week 3. I adhered to the rules imperfectly, but the difference between my imperfect cleanse and what had become my normal, was substantial.  There were other guides as well – unplug a bit, read more, meditate, do yoga. The event of the cleanse was 21 days long because – unhappenstance-ily-  this is how long it takes to make a new habit. And it worked. I think I can say now that I actually practice yoga (don’t get me wrong, my down dogs are down puppies and my binds are easily breakable but its a nice new habit.  I am improving and I feel good). Another change… flour and sugar and meat do not appeal as much as they did in December.

vegetable_barley_soupOur groceries are almost all organic now. My friendship with a vegan friend has flourished a bit more…(is it just me or did you also just notice that the root of that word is “flour”?!!).  I might have made a roast chicken last night but that just did not appeal, instead?…Vegetable Barley Soup.  Yummy.  I gingerly followed the Cooks Illustrated recipe you can find here.

Oh yeah, and I lost about six pounds.



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